A banana road

A banana road,

is going from here to baracoa and the good fellas are dancing in the street without light tonight
and a bull riding contest is being lost in our backs but in front of we have a great-full-of-wet-pigs-beach today
the hot weather is coming and everybody is trying to sell nice things to the tourist but we say not tonight
the car wont work and well lost our souls and we will try to eat something that is not a fucking pizza today
well ride snoop dog's taxibike at midnight and we will never try that cheap havana club again tonight
and everybody get in the car and listen salsa through the sun and if we have time we will try to learn to dance that sound today
and we must run and lost the time so we can travel and never stop and have fun and sing songs with our friends that are still dancing without light
so we should say goodbye but we'll not because we'll come back to play that football game we sayed we'll win someday
so we say we want to dance and drive and jump and scream and drink and sing and travel faster further hotter happier
this long summer

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